Sep 09

Faith and Prosperity Teachings with Generational Curses

Faith and Prosperity Teachings  (With Generational Curses) Many popular TV evangelists and teachers base their studies on what is commonly known as the “prosperity teaching.” In its simplest form, it says that God wants all of His children to prosper in … Continue reading

Aug 30


Purpose of “Prophecy With a Pinch of Salt“ The ultimate purpose of writing the book, “Prophecy With a Pinch of Salt” is three-fold: First, to encourage those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ. No matter how despairing the situation, … Continue reading

Mar 08

Change Blindness = Gradual Change is Imperceptible

Change Blindness Change Blindness defined Gradual change blindness is defined as the failure to detect extremely slow changes in a scene. This is one of many common failures of human perception, in which the brain fails to perceive important details of … Continue reading